The Global Forum On Technology in Higher Education seeks to connect and support a worldwide network of faculty and academic leaders as they engage in managing the challenges of applying technology to higher education.

The Global Forum sees that the challenges and opportunities evident in the use of technology in academia span the world and that meeting these requires insights from a diverse, globally aware and connected membership.

The Global Forum seeks to provide a collegial and supportive environment for exploring shared challenges with technology. It affirms the primacy of faculty and academic leaders as the content specialists responsible for shaping how technology is used.

The Global Forum seeks to support members and conference participants in preparing to discuss, document, develop and implement effective strategies for ensuring quality learning outcomes and effective course delivery. It further seeks to enable members and conference participants to build capacity for program development and career advancement through a better understanding of the use of technology in higher education.

Inspired by faculty and student interests, the Global Forum provides a foundation for meaningful discussions and capacity building to meet the growing demands from institutions as well as government and public sector stakeholders for increased use of technology in academia.

A principal activity of the Global Forum is the coordination of international conferences that foster a greater understanding of innovations and best practices in the use of technologies in higher education and that provide a forum for consideration of challenges and strategies for technology integration. These participant-centered meetings are inclusive events that welcome contributions and presentations from academic leaders, faculty, librarians and technology leaders.


The purpose of the Global Forum is to bring together educators from across the globe for the purpose of understanding the impact of technology on higher education. This purpose is achieved by the following activities:

  1. conducting appropriate meetings for the presentation of best practices and discussion of issues important to the implementation of technology in higher education,
  2. sponsoring activities for the purpose of improving the implementation of technology in higher education,
  3. publishing appropriate papers, journals, magazines, books, and reports, and
  4. providing educational services to its members.
  5. Providing opportunities for collaboration among members of affiliated institutions to address relevant issues associated with the use of technology in higher education

Origins and Leadership:

The Global Forum originated among academic leaders representing a diverse range of disciplines from around the world and who face growing challenges with the effective integration of technology in higher education. Their international experience and perspectives guided the establishment of the organization and its primary concerns with developing a values-based approach to ensuring quality learning outcomes through the use of technology. With institutional affiliations across the globe, the Global Forum leadership continues to stay connected with current and future trends in the technology applications for the academic community.